Administration: 918-592-4224
ReStore 918-359-5555

Cameron Walker- Executive Director, x102
Todd Klabenes- Chief Operating Officer, x103

Marketing, Development & Community Relations

Cheryl Kane - Director of Marketing & Development, x104
Thomas Golden- Development Officer, x105
Chad Hoffman- Creative Director, x111

Family Services

Lora Bettinger- Director of Family Services, x107

Finance & Administration

Terry DeCoster - Chief Financial Officer, x109
Gina Chanley- Administrative Assistant, x108

Construction Services

David C. Roberts-Director of  Construction & Volunteer Services, x112
Tabitha Shinn- Volunteer Manager, 918-859-6947
Rick Stout- Site Supervisor
Steve Janus- Site Supervisor
Josh Bryan- Site Supervisor
Chad Rook- Site Supervisor
Jason Herrmann- Site Supervisor

Property & Real Estate

Larry Vitt- Director of Property & Real Estate, 918-392-4712 x200
Jesse Benson- Property Assistant
Rusty Evans- Property & Real Estate Associate


Les Brown- Director of ReStore Operations, x118
Molly Dunbar- Assistant Manager,  x400