Buy a Home FAQS


What must I do to apply for the Habitat for Humanity Program?

Applying is a two-step process:


2. Contact 918-592-4224 x201, if it appears you are eligible for the program, you will then be given an Application packet to complete.

3. Next, you will complete this packet and bring it with you to the Quarterly Application Screening.

How long does it take to get a house?

On average it takes about 10 months. Our program is not an immediate housing program.

May I apply if I do not meet income guidelines?

NO. You must have the ability to pay a long-term mortgage.

May I apply if I am separated?

No. You must be married or legally divorced.

If I am disabled, how do I show proof of income if I do not work?

Provide a copy of your past two years award letters from the Social Security Administration. Contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or its Tulsa office at 4750 South Garnett.

May I apply if I live with someone and do not have any utility bills in my name?

YES. Provide Habitat with documentation from each of the following utility companies associated with your current residential address.

AEP 1-888-216-3523, 212 East 6th Tulsa, 918-599-2000
ONG 1-800-664-5463, 2319 West  Edison, Tulsa
City of Tulsa (Water) 918-596-9511, 175 East 2nd, Tulsa

May I apply if I have filed for bankruptcy?

YES, if it has been more than two years since your bankruptcy was discharged.

May I apply if I lost my house to a foreclosure or divorce?

YES, if it has been at least five years since the foreclosure or divorce.

May I apply for a Habitat house if I am disabled or terminally ill?

YES. We are an Equal Opportunity Housing Partner. However, you must have the ability to complete the Homeowner Program.

May I apply if I am receiving unemployment or working through a temporary agency?

NO. You must be gainfully employed. Unemployment & temp work are not considered steady income. You must have had steady income for the     past two years.

May I apply for a Habitat house if I am a convicted felon?

Yes, if it were not of a violent and /or drug related crime & have served the  Sentence.

How do I get a Credit Report for the Eligibility Seminar?

There are many websites that offer free credit reports. But do be cautious.
Annual/, 1-877-322-8228